Here can you find various marketing, informational and other downloadable material:

Pricing for 2023
Example project pricing for 2023
Neuer Datei-Download
Example interiors and components
A selection of some 'styles' of interior we have built for our customers
interiors components v3.pdf
PDF-Dokument [6.5 MB]
Abenteur 2015 rolling banner advert
JPG used for 2015 Abenteur
gekko-banner v1.jpg
JPG-Datei [60.1 KB]
Customer questions list
List of expedition vehicle requirements
version 1.11 Q and A.pdf
PDF-Dokument [460.6 KB]
Gekkotruck abenteur 2015 newspaper advert
gekkotruck logo v1 (pdf).pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.3 MB]
Model components
gekkotruck technical listing by model v2[...]
PDF-Dokument [152.0 KB]
Gekkotruck examples - Exterior & Interior
Sample pictures of some of our Expedition projects
gekkotruck - various builds v2.pdf
PDF-Dokument [4.8 MB]
Gekkotruck water filtration options
Provides background to the major water filtration systems we use
gekkotruck technical brochure - water fi[...]
PDF-Dokument [1.3 MB]
Gekkotruck Messe/exhibition large poster
Poster used in 2016 exhibitions
gekko messe poster large - STYLE - germa[...]
PDF-Dokument [7.3 MB]
Vehicle handover-checklist
Handover chklist.xlsx
Microsoft Excel-Dokument [39.0 KB]
Washing machines, generators etc.
gekkotruck technical brochure - washing [...]
Microsoft Word-Dokument [4.3 MB]

Wo sind wir  / How to find us?

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