Bad Kissengen - 'ALLrad MESSE' (June 2015)

I predict that in 10 years, the term 'allrad messe' will enter the english language, based on the success, growth and increasing interest in Europe's, and possibly the world's largest 4WD, AWD and expedition vehicle exhibition and show (actually, if you try saying 'expedition exhibition' in English, you will realise that 'Allrad Messe' makes more sense).

If you want to have the latest view on what is happening and available in 4WD, AWD and Expedition vehicles companies, suppliers and manufacturers, or if you want to pick up some of the great 'accessories' which are often supplied discounted, then this must be the best show to attend. For me, I spend most time around the camp site, which is the place to see how 'real' and 'pretend' expedition travellers operate, adapt and live with their vehicles - where does Gekkotruck take it's ideas from ? - well, it is true that just a few design ideas are seen and applied in our own vehicles - I am constantly surprised, amazed and intrigued by the ingenuity of the 'AWD camper' - my favourite for 2015 ? - the 12 volt electric barbeque spit, perfect for those 8kg joints of pure beef :) -

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