WALSRODE-Veltham (North Germany)

This was new exhibition/event for us (and the first in Germany), despite the 'danger' of cool/wet weather, we had a fantastically sunny weekend (although cool in the evening) - with Gekkotruck 001's over-sized diesel heater, plus raised ground clearance, heavy duty rear springs, turbo and intercooler based power, we didn't worry about the risk of mud, snow or rain.....


We had a great time meeting many visitors who had big plans and dreams for furture world travel (but who did not want to spend the 200K PLUS EUR of the other expedition suppliers at the show), and as ever getting great ideas from the collection of self-build expedition enthusiasts that inspire us every show.

Our prediction (and hope), is that we can help raise the profile of this event, and really turn it into the 'North german Bad Kissengen' - http://www.adventure-northside.com/

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