GekkoTRUCK - ExpeditionsFahrzeugE for the PRICE OF A BOX !

Many people dream of wandering the globe in an Expeditionsfahrzeuge (Expedition truck) or Overlander truck, but many fewer are able to live that dream – if you have close to 1 million EUR, you can buy a Unicat, and live that dream in reliability and luxury. If your budget extends to between 350 or 450 THOUSAND EUR, then there are numerous excellent (mainly german) based companies. …..but, if your budget can stretch only as far as 70 to 200.000 EUR, then  you are faced with buying a used truck, or building an expedition truck yourself (with an expectation of spending up to 5 years completing such a project) - now with Gekkotruck, all people can live this dream !

At Gekkotruck, we provide an alternative – we build limited production custom expedition vehicles, based on new, young and refurbished 'Bundeswehr'-army/emergency services chassis/donor vehicles (OR on your own truck base), and fit with a modern GFK (GRP) sandwich panel living space – we offer the world’s only ‘truly value priced’ , but fully fitted, and ready to go, 'new' Expeditionsfahrzeuge, where our extreme AWD or 4WD overland campers are available for between 79 and 250.000 EUR, that is a complete ready to travel vehicle for the price of ‘just the box’ from any of our competitors (from 2 to 6 travellers in a 7.5 to 28 tonne rig).

However, we do not compromise on robustness or build quality, and are unique in all German based companies in leveraging Polish craftsmenship - pay more, and we can even match the luxury & excess of the elite expedition vehicle manufacturers, based on new chassis (Unimog 4000/5000 MAN KAT1 and Mercedes Benz Zetros chassis), but we still deliver these at less than 50% of our competitor pricing.

Each and every vehicle we handle, we (or you) know personally - we perform pre-assessments prior to purchase, then are involved in the test driving and full chassis up inspection, and also undertake the pre and post build assessment/shakedown drives. Quite simply, every vehicle that we build, we treat as our own, and apply quality control and care as if our own - regarding renovation, rectification & refurbishment, then our mix of local German mechanical & Polish craftsmenship, means we can afford to attend to every small detail, in a way that is economically not possible in any other business model (be it Dutch, French, Austrian, Swiss or German). Should you have sourced your own vehicle, we will be happy to build on top of this, and if required renovate your base vehicle.

In Gekkotruck, we are a small family company (based in the South of Germany), and use three main assembly companies that are also family companies (German/Polish mechanicals & Polish renovation, coachbuilding/interior cabin and  overall assembly), along with well known component suppliers from both East and West Europe, with all work eventually being approved/signed off by german TÜV SÜD vehicle re-registration / inspection (for german customers).

Wo sind wir  / How to find us?

Gekkotruck GmbH
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