If you live in a Bavarian village, then you are never far from tractors - whether this includes the variety of industrial scaled modern monsters, that can carry/tow anything, and happily operate even at night and on Sundays (unusual in Germany's otherwise sound & work conscious society, when it concerns getting the harvest in, the german laws are adapted to make it happen) - of course here, it is also the home of the AWD MBtrac, the tractor that the Unimog was 'supposed to be' - however, despite only being 2WD, my heart leaps out to the 'hobby', that is the aspiration of most Bavarian male village dwellers, the 'old tractor' - quite how these vehicles, often with an additional seating bank for 4 thrown on the back are 'allowed' in Germany, I don't know, but the clanging of the large bore single cylinder engine is a joy of a summer afternoon, in many a village

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