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A successful Expeditionsfahrzeug requires a robust, proven and well engineered base vehicle, that is additionally straightforward to maintain and service – given that inevitably spares will be needed on occasion (particularly when visiting and operating in extreme regions), then a good global availability of such parts is also useful.

Army and emergency service vehicles offer strong advantages as base vehicles for your expedition trucks, given that by definition the required aspects of maintainability, durability and functionality are included, although dependent on the source vehicle, specialist knowledge or parts that are available in such service organisations, may not be so freely available in the civilian market.

As a result, it is no surprise that a vehicle such as a Landrover or Unimog is used so widely both in the emergency services or the expedition market. Finally, as our vehicles are sourced from Swiss/Austrian/German 'Feuerwehr' (fire brigade'), Swiss/Austrian/German 'Bundeswehr' (Army) or German 'Technische Hilfes Werk (THW)' (no British equivalent), they have had easy lives, intense and regular maintenance, and often 'over-nighted' in heated & dry buildings.

As the new price of most emergency service vehicles is very high compared to the civilian versions and/or types – there is an inevitable cost associated with extreme 4WD and off-road capability – such a price tag whilst not worrying the mid to top end of the expedition vehicle market, pressures the low to mid-end, meaning that until Gekkotruck, the choice for many people was build the vehicle themselves, or operate something smaller than required (such as a Landrover base), or even settle for a non AWD/4WD vehicle - at Gekkotruck, we renovate the underlying chassis, perform a full mechanical inspection, and include enough standard items, that you are ready for your expedition following delivery of your vehicle, along with providing the necessary TÜV (MOT/DVLA) re-registration, along with underlying certificates of correct build (primaríly gas & electrical safety, new weight empty weights, dimensions etc.).

So what about the living cabin, the box ? - with some manufacturers, their design philosophy is aimed towards a self-contained living unit that sits on the standard chassis, and they leave the choice of the chassis to the customer. With other manufacturers, they build a living cabin, often customisable, but are fairly limited towards changes/additions to the chassis.

At Gekkotruck, we see it differently. Necessarily there are compromises with every build, and the only reasonable solution is to look at the whole vehicle holistically, and then design/implement changes accordingly - we have standard model formats, which mean that we have already answered many of the design questions that usually occur - clearly, if your need is a 2 person rig, then the choice of vehicle is tremendous ( and relatively straightforward, but if your need is a 2 adult plus 4 children layout, you will struggle to find a company that listens, or that you can afford to pay to listen):

  • UNIMOG 1 - (2 to 4 travellers) - 7.49 tonne, Unimog 435 based (ex-Germany Bundeswehr) - Baseline standard complete price of 89K EUR
  • UNIMOG 2 - (2 to 5 travellers) - 7.49 tonne, Unimog 435 DOKA (ex-fire service/THW) - Baseline standard complete price of 113K EUR
  • UNIMOG 3 - (2 to 6 travellers) - 7.49 tonne, Unimog 435 L37 ( 'triple' cab)(ex fire service) - Baseline standard complete price of 125K EUR
  • MAN KAT 4a/b/c - (2 to 5 travellers) - 7.49/12.4 tonne, MAN KAT1 (BISON) (ex German Bundeswehr), 4, 6 and 8 WD (guide price, from 90K to 150K EUR)
  • SPECIAL  (2 to 4 travellers) - we also can supply under special customer request our own Gekkotruck varient of the Unimog 4000/5000, i.e utilising new or nearly-new Unimog chassis based vehicles  - given that vehicle base is circa 100 to 160K EUR, this considerably increases the overall price of the unit, although still significantly cheaper than DACH based competitors (guide price 240K EUR)
  • (NEW) ZETROS (2 to 5 travellers) - we can also supply our own Gekkotruck varient of the Mercedes-Benz Zetros (4 or 6WD) - whilst not available in a DOKA driving cabin format, passenger seats can be made available within the living cabin to provide 4 to 6 berths - base vehicle new chassis príce is over 160K, hence these vehicles are custom, with 'custom pricing' (guide price 250K EUR)
  • STAR (2 to 5 travellers) - we can supply vehicles based on the former Polish truck company STAR - STAR truck production rights, parts etc, is now owned/operated by MAN trucks - STAR was a Polish truck manufacturer synomynous with army, construction, and off-road capability, along with longevity, robustness and utility. During the latter years of STAR branding, many serious 4 and 6WD chassis, fitted with MAN based engines/gearboxes etc., were manufactured & operated throughout Poland's 'challenged' road network. Trucks are good for 4WD and 6WD format, also with DOKA style cabins - mechanically are very robust, utilitarian and economical, plus supported by the global MAN service/parts network (guide price 90 to 130K EUR)

We are also happy to discuss any specific alternative chasis that you may wish to use as a basis for your vehicle.


  Item Rationale Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Model 4
      Unimog 435 Unimog 435 DOKA Unimog 435 L37 MAN KAT1 (Bison)
  Base vehicle          
1 Wheel base (mm)   3250 3250 3700 various
2 Engine size, power (kw with/without turbo)   6 litre, 96/128 6 litre, 96/128 6 litre, 96/128 various
3 Turbo fitted (if not available on standard unit) 30% increased power Optional Optional Optional n/a
4 Intercooler kit fitted 25% increased torque Optional Optional Optional n/a
5 Torque/ (effective with lowest gearing)          
6 Gears - 4 High, 4 Low (reverse on all low gears)   6
7 Ground clearance (with 12.5 tyres), mm   44 44 44 41
8 Maximum entry angle   46 46 46  
9 Escape (Departure) angle   51 51 51  
10 Maximum gradient, %   70%     60%
11 Maximum side slope, degrees   42 42 42 40
12 Preparation for 4WD or diff locks Switch on the move NONE NONE NONE NONE
13 Wading depth (Recommended, Limit) m   1.2/1.9 1.2/1.9 1.2/1.9 1.2/1.9
14 Preparation before/after wading   NONE NONE NONE NONE
16 Tyre pressure adjustment system   Manual Manual Manual Manual
17 Max speed (km/h)   86 86 105 90
18 Suspension - coil spring (30 degree opposite twist)    
19 Frame twist (degrees)   15 15 15 RIGID
20 Working of diff locks, front, back and between axles    
21 Fuel pre and main filters    
22 Larger tyres (14.5x20) Increased ground clearance, increased speed (to 90 km/hr) n/a
23 Hi drivers cab More comfort, increased options for living space X X n/a
24  'Fast Axles' Increases maximum cruise speed to 100 km/hr X n/a
25 Snorkel fitted (if missing) Needed for fording greater than 1.5 meters n/a
26 Front underbody protection plate Not fitted as standard on all Unimogs/4WD n/a
27 Uprated alternator (100 amps) Basic requirement to avoid straining standard unit (especially when electric winch fitted) n/a
28 Second alternator (not with mechanical A/C) Back-up in case of main unit failure Optional Optional Optional n/a
29 ISRI driver/co-driver mechanical sprung seats Basic seats not so comfortable for long journeys in rough terrain
30 ISRI driver/co-driver air sprung seats Additional features included, included seat heating Optional Optional Optional Optional
31 Truck double tone air horn Standard unit does not differentiate size of vehicle Optional Optional
32 Front waist lights Already available or easily fittable on Unimogs and many base vehicles X
33 Chasis mounted army style jerry can holders Useful for Unimogs either as jerry can holders (for generator fuel etc.) Optional Optional Optional Optional
34 Custom made external storage boxes Need to use every all possible spaces for storage
35 Renovated/painted chasis Sourced vehicles of 30 years age, often with near zero rust, but increases longevity of base chasis 
36 Trailor hitch (Ringfelder etc.) To extend periods between supply locations and/or take additional loads
37 Renovated/painted drivers cab Especially to extend internal colours into drivers cabin, as part of a general upgrading or addition of new features (12/230V converters, coolbox, etc.)
38 Tilt meter Not as accurate as the 'seat of the pants', but passengers like it Optional Optional Optional Optional
39 Satellite navigation Enhanced versions with off-road features and information Optional Optional Optional Optional
40 Searchlight Standard issue on fire brigade and THW sourced vehicles Optional Optional Optional Optional
  Base Vehicle Additions          
41 Tyre-wheel winch (custom, electric) Needed, as original tyre location no longer possible, and each unit weighs typically 90 kg
42 2 spare wheels 1 insufficient for an expedition fahrzeug (3 too heavy)
43 Second vehicle battery (reserve start plus winch) plus custom Aluminium box enclosure Electric winch requires
44 Cut-off / isolation switches to both 'vehicle'  batteries (German army spec) Additional security / back-up in case of charging and/or battery problems
45 Full roof rack (with branch guard) Less than 7.5 tonne 4WD vehicles are always short of storage space - can serve as additional/alternative sleeping space on DOKA based rigs Optional
46 External roof mounted large storage locker   Optional Optional Optional Optional
47 Customised/adapted roof track (i.e. to support a canoe etc.)   n/a n/a
48 12v on roof rack Good for search lights /TV etc. Optional
49 Additional truck forward lighting (high mounted) Always useful for additional lighting on difficult terrain during night driving Optional
50 Long range diesel tanks (400+ litres)   Note 1
51 12 tonne electric winch (front) - some model 4's may have mechanical or hydraulic rear winch from base vehicle   Optional mech.
52 Electric winch (rear) - some model 4's may have mechanical or hydraulic rear winch from base vehicle   Optional Optional Optional n/a
53 Compressed air line   Optional Optional Optional  
54 Airline style'  loading/attachment strips Useful for temporary or near permanent  attachments
55 Front 230v generator platform   Optional Optional Optional Note 2
56 Radio/DVD/reversing display (drivers cab)  
57 Checkerplate Aluminium External storage boxes  
  Living space(s)          
58 Empty cabin, Inner dimensions (WxLxH) metres   2.15x4.3x1.9 2.15x4x1.9 2.25x3.3x1.9 various
59 Self-supporting composite wall construction of between 48 and 60 mm   std 48mm std 48mm std 48mm std 48mm
60 Thicker walls (60mm), standard 40mm Insulation rating 1,5 m2 K/W (48 mm) 2,2 (60 mm) Optional Optional Optional Optional
61 Chunky Resin based edging/corner strengthening supplemented by aluminium checkerplate sheeting  
62 Frame - 3 point attachment 3-point kinematic attachment with main and flex mounts for stress-free body coupling to the torsion elastic chassis frame n/a
63 Flexible walled tunnel with closing door   X
64 Entrance door with lowered/recessed stainless steel handle  
65 Hardened entrance door (with vertical bolts)   Optional Optional Optional Optional
66 3 side windows, 2 roof windows and 2 access doors to storage  
67 High & low cupboards in kitchen, bedroom, bathroom areas with choice of colour (constructed in 8mm plywood, plus steel frames for seating) including wardrobe and choice of doors/shelves versus bins, with aluminium edging          
68 Beds  with 1 double converting from sofa (choice of covering fabric)   2+2 2+3 6 2 to 8
69 Safety deposit box   Optional Optional Optional Optional
70 Calorifier (marine spec) Avoids need for switching on diesel unit (and waiting for water to be heated), in winter leaves diesel unit free to hit interior (a full tank available within less than 1 hour of driving), also backup in case of failure of main unit Optional Optional Optional Optional
71 Heating/drying radiator Diesel heater over-powered for space, will effectively dry clothes hanging in shower compartment without radiator, but radiator off engine heating avoids need for rear unit to be on during travelling (useful re-use of available  wasted energy from engine Optional Optional Optional Optional
72 3 burner hob and oven (gas) 2 hobs often inflexible - oven offers additional flexibility 
73 3 burner hob and oven (diesel) Marine spec. Optional Optional Optional Optional
74 Large 3-way fridge (gas, 12v, 230v) Always needed whether for a larger group and/or extended journeys
75 3-way Freezer (gas, 12v, 230v) Useful for longer trips in regions where reasonable food sources are limited Optional Optional Optional Optional
76 Mechanical Air Conditioning (only whilst driving) A/C when not driving not realistic option for <7.5 tonne vehicles Optional Optional Optional Optional
77 12v to 230v converter (to 2kw) Many everyday useful items require (laptops, hair dryer), and for reasonably low wattage items is reasonable to convert from 12 volts (especially during transit)
78 Increase converter rating (to 5kw) Some customers may have additional demands for 'on the move'  230V Optional Optional Optional Optional
79 Drivers Cab sound proofing kit Significantly reduces noise of driving Optional X
80 Under bonnet sound proofing Engine mats assist noise reduction especially in Unimog based vehicles (and when used in conjunction with sound deadoning floor an in-cab mats Optional Optional X
81 Heat insulation in drivers cab Required mainly when cab also used as living-sleeping area (i.e. for DOKA based units X X
82 Additional wide angle rear view mirror Base vehicle does not include
83 Kerbside mirror Increased length and height of vehicle makes even more useful
84 Radio-DVD plaver Missing in base vehicle
85 Reversing Camera Useful also for 'safety' Optional
86 Custom s/steel entrance ladder Avoids problems from contact with ground (no noise associated with movement of vehicle when parked) 
87 Additional individual seats in rear of front cab   n/a X
88 Additional seat-belted seats in rear living cabin  
89 Painted living box (& drivers cab) Extend colour theme from rear, use as opportunity to renovate any damage/rust spots
90 External shower (2 sides) Useful for washing of clothes, cleaning teeth, and in warmer months for a shower
91 Internal shower and basin Shares shower attachment
92 Diesel heater (water and air) - 4 kw (larger optional for model 4) Heating cabin and HOT WATER
93 Truma Gas radiator For that instant noiseless 'atmospheric heating' Optional Optional Optional Optional
94 Standard water filter  
95 Sureflow water pump (standby included in 'spares')  
96 Gas fired grill/oven  
97 Microwave   Optional Optional Optional Optional
98 External gas socket   Optional Optional
99 12v extractor in bathroom and kitchen area  
100 Main  fusebox/controller with level gauges, voltmeter etc.  
101 Water filtration system (membrane technology) Safe handling of poor water quality Optional Optional Optional Optional
102 4-way speakers in living cabin   Optional
103 Light strips around roof windows Efficient low level background lighting
104 Custom beds (rear usually form table base), inter-changing with living room sofas  
105 220 litres clean water tanks (Backup up water pump carried but not fitted) Useful minimum
106 Additional fresh water tanks   X X
107 Grey water tank (60 litre) Useful in some inner-town locations and/or protected/nature parks, where direct leaking to road/ground not desirable or acceptable
108 12v Macerator porcelain toilet (60 litre tank) Provides more capacity than cassette toilets, avoids need to have external access panel fitted
109 Solar charging with regulator Required given diesel heater and large fridge  200W 200W 300W 400W
110 270 degree awning plus LED lighting 10sq m from only 2.6 m length external storage and offers 2 different positional aspects (help deal with movement of sun throughout the day)
111 Generous fitting of 12v, 230v and USB sockets in front and rear cabins  
112 AGM 100 A hr batteries   1 2 2 2 to 4
113 Vented/separated chamber for 1 11 kg propane gas bottle with piping, access etc.  
114 TV-DVD player   Optional Optional Optional Optional
115 Cabin Sound system   Optional Optional Optional Optional
116 Satellite receiver & dish   Optional Optional Optional Optional
117 Burglar alarm   Optional Optional Optional Optional
118 Large opening 'panoramic' window panel  
120 Real glass windows (only with 60 mm walls)   Optional Optional Optional Optional
121 External entrance lights (LED's)  
122 Custom between seats storage unit   Optional Optional Optional Optional

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