GekkoTRUCK - ExpeditionsFahrzeugE for the PRICE OF A BOX !

Many people dream of wandering the globe in an Expeditionsfahrzeuge (Expedition truck) or Overlander truck, but many fewer are able to live that dream – if you have close to 1 million EUR, you can buy a Unicat, and live that dream in reliability and luxury. If your budget extends to between 450 or 550 THOUSAND EUR, then there are numerous excellent (mainly german) based companies. …..but, if your budget can stretch only between 150 and 290.000 EUR, then  you are faced with buying an old used truck, or building an expedition truck yourself (with an expectation of spending up to 5 years completing such a project) - now with Gekkotruck, all people can live this dream !

At Gekkotruck, we provide an alternative – we build limited production custom expedition vehicles, based on new, young and refurbished 'Bundeswehr'-army/emergency services chassis/donor vehicles OR on your own truck base, and fit with a modern GFK (GRP) sandwich panel living habitation – we offer the world’s only ‘truly value priced’ , but fully fitted, and ready to go, 'new' Expeditionsfahrzeuge.

Wo sind wir  / How to find us?

Gekkotruck GmbH
Untere Römerstr. 14
94527 Aholming



Email us on (or +49 (0)173 8466344)

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